srun 4k aaa solution

srun 4k is a high-performance full-featured radius/aaa server that provides excellent functionality and technological superiority. it is unquestionably one of the market leaders in its class.

including some of the most innovative features available on the market today, srun 4k radius caters to a wide range of telecom services, including isp internet, wimax, voip, wireless lan, mobile 3g, internet kiosks and cafés, and many more. moreover, the solution’s 100% web-based interface is customer centric, very easy to use, and ensures easy connectivity from anywhere in the world. coupled with a state server that monitors the network in real time, srun 4k uses policy algorithms to implement rule-based authentication and full manageability of network resources. it also features a wireless security suite with extensible authentication protocol (eap), 802.1x, eap cisco wireless (leap), protected eap (peap), ttls and tls, as well as mobile eap-sim and eap-aka.

srun 4k uses its own user database, an external odbc-compliant database, active directory or ldapto support millions of users.

a true powerhouse of features and performance, srun 4k runs above 1000 authentication, authorizations and accounting requests per second on entry-level hardware.

radius server benefits:

  • easy installation
  • easy implementation
  • easy to operate
  • easy to customize
  • full compliance to standards
  • high performance
  • high availability and reliability
  • scalability

reliability, flexibility and scalability

srun 4k aaa is a true performer with tier-1 (99.999%) reliability and scalability that comfortably supports millions of subscribers. serving small, medium and large service providers, the solution is highly flexible and requires low-cost hardware, supporting most requirements on commercial pcs.

web-based management

srun 4k aaa turns the web browser into a remote easy-to-use management application. the server can be accessed from anywhere in the world over secure ssl, with no client-side installation whatsoever. all that is needed is a web browser to configure radius settings, view current online sessions, and modify subscriber records.

ip address management

the srun 4k aaa server provides ip allocation using aaa (dhcp not mandated). it supports dynamic and fixed ip addresses, with correlation between ip pools and policy profiles. additionally, the 16e aaa server supports different ip pools for multiple hosts and different services (data, voice, management) and ensures efficient management of ips even in the event of network failure.

session caching

comprehensive, real-time information on any given subscriber’s session is available to network elements that require it.

scripting engine

includes a high-performing scripting engine which enables you to write and implement custom authentication/authorization rules in-house and run them without having to recompile or “dirty up” the source code. the scripts are written in human-readable language to facilitate faster implementation, hence reducing the risk of errors.


ssl encryption, customer password protection and lockout configuration can be set above a certain minimal strength. identifiers, such as phone numbers, or device mac addresses can be blacklisted.

usage monitoring and notification

supports enforcement of fup policies on reaching maximum usage cap accumulated over a specific period. the usage cap can be defined either in time units or in volume units. also supports notification based on usage levels.

srun 4k convergent billing solution

in today's dynamic telecom arena, convergent billing is no longer a theoretical concept but a reality. in a constant struggle to improve their bottom line, operators and service providers are looking for flexible and configurable solutions that reduce churn and costs.

following its long tradition of excellence, srun software introduced srun 4k convergent billing solution (srcb), a convergent prepaid and postpaid billing rating and customer-care platform. with a customer-centric approach, easy-to-use gui and excellent performance, srun software 's srcb is ideal for small, medium and large operators and service providers. the new platform supports open standards and innovative technologies for billing and rating of a rich basket of services, including mobile 2g/3g, lte/4g, 5g, wi-fi/hotspots, isp, voip, ftth/dsl, cable, wireless, fixed wireless,cloud and more.

srcb can be deployed either as an end-to-end real-time billing and customer care system, or as an adjunct to legacy billing systems. it is also high-performing, scalable and highly available solution that can be rapidly deployed into the it core and for rapid introduction of new services and offers.

core capabilities

  • account management
  • accounts receivable
  • contract management
  • collections and dunning
  • customer self-service portal
  • invoicing
  • product catalog
  • subscription billing
  • usage-based billing
  • partner management
  • work order management
  • payments and collections

360-degree view of subscribers and transactions

always attuned to the needs of its customers in today's dynamic and changing markets, srun's converged billing and rating solution offers an advanced 360-degree view of every subscriber and transaction.

srcb offers a web-based self-care portal for users and accounts that enable subscribers to acquire new offers and upgrades, access their accounts, change tariff plans, view recharge details, recharge accounts, and view and pay invoices. this functionality is backed by a powerful product catalog that includes price plans and offers (one time and add on). customers can issue payments using credit card, cash and/or check.

functional offering

srun 4k 's converged billing and rating solution caters to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers and to a very wide range of convergent services, including hotspots, lte, 3g, wisp, wimax, isp, mobile, voip,cloud and more on the same platform:

  • billing: prepaid and postpaid subscribers.
  • crm - 360view, customer history and ticketing
  • hierarchal customer structure and administration.
  • include radius and diameter aaa module.
  • converged services - multiple services per subscriber
  • real-time online charging server (ocs).
  • scalable to handle millions of users and concurrent sessions on low-end hardware.
  • subscription billing - recurring charges (rc), one-time charges and rc proration.
  • bundle services for multi-play
  • role based administration.
  • extended html user interface for customer database.
  • self care for users, accounts and partners.
  • vms - advanced voucher management system including prepaid cards and top-up vouchers
  • product catalog.
  • business control engine.
  • flexible rating charging.
  • pcrf - policy control management. combine pcrf and charging.
  • diameter: gx and gy/gz/ro/rf
  • hss for lte / ims
  • optional: advanced epc core based on diameter
  • m2m billing including all the components.
  • lte billing including charging application of diameter ro/rf/gy/gz and gx (pcrf).
  • proven mobile mvno billing - 2g/3g/4g.
  • proven mobile mvne billing.
  • proven mobile wisp billing.
  • proven mobile isp billing.
  • hotbilling and cdr charging support.
  • multi-session support with balance management (quota management).
  • dynamic ip allocation alternative to dhcp.
  • automatic invoice generation and remittal.
  • multiple billing cycles.
  • account receivables (a/r).
  • enhanced audit control
  • multi currency
  • advanced reporting and statistics.
  • prepaid statements.
  • credit limits.
  • prm- business partners and resellers module - including partners hierarchy.
  • wholesale billing.
  • fidelio - pms as a payment system for hotspots in hotels.
  • smart-hlr - map gateway - connecting to hlr for 3g wifi offload
  • diameter swx - connecting to hss for wifi offload
  • dpi/pcef integration with procera, allot, sandvine, saisei, ipoque.
  • crm features (wispa):
  • trouble ticketing and help desk integration.
  • workforce management.
  • inventory management.
  • american tax support.
  • credit cards, paypal, echeck and ach support.
  • nms integration with zabbix

srun 4k crm solution

businesses are increasingly investing in recurring transactions made by returning customers and this has given way to the crm-dominated marketing disciplines in the last two decades. traditional crm models mostly employ one-way communication, do not engage with the customer beyond push communication and are sales-driven.

however, today’s customers are more discerning and sensitive to the quality of the relationship a business builds with them. therefore it is imperative that businesses engage with them in a meaningful way and build lasting relationships.

srun 4k crm solution has a crm marketing module with customer engagement solutions that help you build rewarding relationships with your subscribers.

some of the major features of the srun 4k crm solution module:

  • customer data management: integrates with multiple business systems such as content management systems, customer relationship management systems and data collection systems to collect all customer data and then assimilates the same in a customer centric manner for easy look-up and grouping.
  • segmentation: allows you to group customers at the minutest level using attributes based on sales, inventory, promotions, loyalty and crm data, the customer profiles and their interaction history across campaigns.
  • email campaigns: enables you to send personalized rich html email campaigns to different segments of customers.
  • sms campaigns: enables you to engage customers using one-way and two-way types of sms campaigns.
  • event triggers: enables you to send or schedule emails and/ or sms based on customer events such as clicks, opens, visits and purchases.
  • enterprise features: allows for any kind of data to be imported with multiple identifiers for a record and duplication handling through complex rules on the identifiers.

srun 4k pcrf solution

srun 4k ’s policy and charging rules function (pcrf) lets operators make informed policy decisions, launch innovative services ahead of the competition, and generate higher revenue on fixed and mobile broadband networks.

functional offering

  • policy control quota management
  • advanced aaa – radius and diameter
  • support policy 3gpp standard
  • advanced dynamic policies for active users
    • disconnect
    • redirect
    • change of qos parameters
  • send balance notifications via email and sms
  • fast definition of policy rules, actions and step
  • handles various users events and notifications
  • periodic qos - for dynamically changing the qos of online sessions according to time of day.
  • basic applications:
    • fair usage
    • time of day / day of week
    • promotions
    • booster
    • bill shock
  • use cases:
    • smart limits / capping
    • fair use
    • enhanced user experience (sending notifications)
    • advanced offering to users based on time, location, accumulated usage, app, attributes, profile
    • bandwidth on demand including booster
    • services/qos differentiation
    • bill shock prevention
    • time of day/day of week
    • promotions
    • location-based policies
    • zone charging
    • any attribute or subscriber parameter based policies
    • user-defined service schedules/parental controls

srun ars (analytics & reporting solution)

at the outset of organizations looking for a solution to manage the ever growing volume of data, srun ars (analytics & reporting solution) serves as the cost effective solution to work on the data, generate reports and dashboards which aids in arriving at the right decisions. with the concepts of big data maturing at a faster pace, it is quite important that maximum flexibility is given while generating the reports which enable generation of exhaustive and informative results in minimum time.

typically users depend on it team for report generation to visualize and explore data that has impact on business outcomes. the developers integrate data from different sources to generate reports for analyzing and visualizing data. to overcome this situation, our reporting solution, srun ars (analytics & reporting solution) , is introduced which helps business users to access and visualize data without depending on it staff. this tool is used to generate reports in multiple formats which include pdf, rtf, html, xls etc.

benefits of srun 4k ars:

  • interactive reports
  • analytical reports
  • dashboard designer
  • report scheduler
  • ad-hoc analysis of large amounts of data
  • users can design the reports themselves without the help of it staff.
  • enables visualizing your business performance and hence effective analysis and quick decision making
  • allows tailoring dashboard views and shows real time data.
  • data drill down features for deeper and effective analysis
  • srun 4k ars fetches data from resources which are designed exclusively for reporting. hence the report generation process will not affect the performance of other business critical operations.

srun 4k cloud billing system

managed service providers offering cloud service faces major challenges in billing managed cloud services manually.

prospect booking, quotation, conversion, trial periods, subscription contract, billing cycle, invoicing, taxation, payments & adjustments, are procedures that a managed service providers face in everyday working routing, if these procedures are not carried out by an efficient billing system, most of the time spent on collating & billing a customers is countless and prone to errors.

srun 4k cloud billing system is an end-to-end automated platform through which a managed service provider can handle all the daily procedures effortlessly. srun 4k cloud billing system user friendly customer acquisition, subscription contract, payment & follow-up interface helps your company to organize and automate your billing process, customer engagement & operational support to its fullest extent.

with srun 4k cloud billing system operators can easily manage

  • customer acquisition
  • subscription contract
  • trial period with payment mode
  • add-on service / usage billing
  • invoicing & taxation
  • payments
  • customer services auto provisioning

srun 4k cloud billing system gives high level of elasticity and offers end-to-end functions required for a managed service providers.

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2020-1-11 party

20th anniversary party of srun softeware srun software celebrate it's 20th anniversary at xi'an.

2020-1-10 idevm 2.0

the new version release at new year. idevm 2.0 is out spend 3 months after the release of version 1.1. we use the new frame to redesign the whole interface and interactive, it's an amazing version.

2019-12-22 srun4k crm

today we are releasing srun4k crm v***with it, your employees and customers can save their time. we have done a big job on the system’s stability and performance, and have added a couple of new integrations.


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2020-01-19 | srun4k aaa & billing system

about srun international designer and provider of billing, aaa and policy control servers for ip services. targets multiple vertical markets, xdsl/ftth, wimax, lte, wifi, voip, and wifi offload.


2019-11-11 | srun4k isp case

srun4k isp case


classic case

detailed case of difficulty


tsinghua university is an leader in educational content, technology, and services for the higher education worldwide. srun 4k supports tsinghua university billing services system, which provides innovative, subscription based solutions. the solutions offers complete billing system to more than 42,000 people.


mbt is one of the largest operators in myanmar, serving 100,000 users; mbt provides a variety of network services for enterprises, governments, and industries, including wired, wireless, voip, cloud, idc. the srun 4k billing system has provided mbt with billing support services since 2016, providing precise services for mbt operations.

xuanhui tech (isp )

srun 4k announced the application of 3.x converged billing solution to xuanhui technology, one of the largest private operators in china, providing them with pre-paid, post-paid billing, subscription billing and telecommunication billing policy control (pcrf) included billing services.

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